US-China Corporate Communication Summit for Innovation &VC Investment

On September 10th, 2017, Pioneer Union held the US-China Corporate Communication Summit for Innovation & VC Investment at Beijing. At the Summit, leaders from start-ups and venture capital firms discussed local policy support for start-ups and future trends of business innovation in both China and the United States, in addition to sharing their own overseas business experience.


Online Panel Discussion

The online panel discussion invites leading guests and scholars from the relevant industries in China and the United States to discuss and share ideas on pertinent issues to the group. In an effort to promote mutual benefit and enhance self-understanding, the panel provides a great opportunity for free learning and communication.


Columbia Pioneer Salon

The Columbia Pioneer Salon mainly takes art and culture as the theme, inviting domain experts to carry out content analysis and create a relaxed and cheerful atmosphere of activity. We want to enhance the stickiness with PNU alliance members, provide a good social place, help PNU to increase popularity, expand interpersonal network, enhance the relationship.