Pioneer Union Consulting is a subsidiary company of the Pioneer Union LLC. holding company. Pioneer Union consulting strives to provide comprehensive business services for clients in China and the U.S. PNU Consulting specializes in cross-border market entries, partnership acquisitions, M&As, and localization services between the U.S. and China.



The Pioneer Union International Trade Company is committed to cultivating the collaborative business development between China and the United States. We are streamlining the expansion of international logistics and expanding the trade of energy and other commodities. PNU International Trade focuses on the trade of commodities, traditional energy products, and airport logistics. The bulk commodities traded primarily include agricultural products, textiles, traditional energy, and refined chemicals. With our extensive knowledge of airport logistics and ability to cooperate with large air freight companies, we help our customers develop the best supply chain solutions for their products.



Pioneer Union Investment operates in the areas of Private Equity, Venture Capital, Financial Advising and Real Estate Investment. We focus on early round investing in high-quality startup projects that are supported by innovative technologies. Pioneer Union is dedicated to identifying and connecting innovative projects with investors from both China and the United States.

Our team of highly skilled analysts has connected multiple investors with high-quality projects and incubators by taking advantage of Pioneer Unions extensive entrepreneur network.



The Pioneer Union Alliance is aimed at using this period of global collaboration to extend our networking platform of information and resources to support the development of Chinese and American entrepreneurs. We do this through the advancement of the Sino American Enterprise Alliance and Sino American University Alliance, which connect businesses, colleges and universities of China and United States.


Pioneer Union Media works with companies small and large to find and take advantage of new opportunities in an exciting and dynamic media landscape. We offer local and national branding, media exposure, social media services, digital marketing and TV and radio advertising. We separate ourselves from other advertising firms by taking a personalized approach to helping our clients build and share their organization with both China and the US.



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