case: alipay and wechat payment promotion

Background Description: Alipay and WeChat Pay enables businesses to connect with customers beyond the payment experience. PNU, as the Independent Sales Organization (ISO) of payment partner of Alipay and WeChat Pay in North America, helps the company to undertake the business of offline promotion in Washington, Oregon, and Ohio states. PNU has a sales teams for large-scale promotion, responsible for coordinating and communicating between the payment partners of Alipay and WeChat pay and local merchants.

Corporate Demand: The payment company in North America wants to expand their presence in the three states mentioned to help Alipay and WeChat Pay enter the U.S. local dining, travel and entertainment industries.

Results: Since January 2018, there are more than 40 restaurants, car dealers, and attractions successfully implementing Alipay and WeChat Pay. Currently, the promotion is still going on.



Background Description: We put our offline media chain in mainstream cities in the United States where there's high passenger traffic and launch LCD screen ads. We create high-frequency and effective advertisement, and thus, reshape the focus of certain targeted customers.

Advantages: We made a target of high-educated, most consuming group. The ad delivery scenario covers all people’s living space including restaurants, stores, supermarkets, apartments and hotels. We conducted the cross-referencing of multiple data and made the cross-border integration. The established accurate database can ensure that ads can be delivered accurately.

We regularly maintain and upgrade the wall media, use CRM database to pinpoint target customers, and use human-interactive LCD screen to enhance the user experience. Currently, this exciting project is still going on. 


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Background Description: PNU’s well-known advertising screen launch business includes the highly-anticipated Times Square big screen, which is used to launch corporate videos by taking advantage of its bustling location and an average daily traffic of 1.7 million times to achieve high exposure and increase the credibility of corporate brands. It’s very effective in spreading the international image of the brand.

Advantage: Times Square is located at the intersection of 42nd Street in Manhattan, New York City and Froude Street and 7th Road. It is the "crossroads of the world" where wealth and culture meet. Here, the annual average passenger flow is tens of millions of passengers, and the flow of people is hundreds of millions of passengers. As the world's most highly sought-after commercial core area, global high-end brands have long spread their brand image here; and the information broadcast here has caused the BBC and Reuters several times. The media and other media giants' attention has become a window that truly attracts the eyes of the world. Landing in New York's Times Square now is becoming the best opportunity for many brands to establish an international image.


Background Description: Following China's decision to cancel the ban on the U.S. beef, we helped the Chinese group to determine the shipping route between China and the United States, as well as obtaining the exclusive sale agreement for the export of beef.

Corporate Demand: A Chinese group wants to import American beef to China, and American slaughterhouses want to take advantage of the opportunity to re-enter the Chinese market.

Results: On behalf of the Chinese group, we met with the state government officials of the three largest Beef producing states in the US. We held meetings with local ranchers and beef industry associations to sign the relevant contracts. Pioneer Union representatives went to Shanghai to attend the 2017 Food and Hotel China Conference in November and had an in-depth exchange with fresh produce industry representatives to establish trade links for other fresh products besides beef.



Background Description: The fresh produce industry in China is developing rapidly, relative to the mature fresh produce industry of the United States. Utilizing Pioneer Union's long-term cooperation in airport logistics projects, we aimed to help the Chinese fresh produce industry to develop the Sino-US trade, including seafood and fruit products.

Corporate Demand: With the growing Chinese demand in the fresh produce industry and the mature US supply system, the Chinese fresh produce industry wanted us to assist in purchasing and trade.

Results: Through the participation of a joint exhibition, Pioneer Union was able to expand our presence in the fresh produce industry and take advantage of our airport logistics and US local resources, to solve the Chinese enterprises wide range of procurement needs.


CASE: textile trade


Background Introduction: The Chinese textile businesses want to explore the international market and then localize their brand in the United States.  The Chinese textile businesses aimed to cooperate with complementary enterprises in the U.S.

Corporate Demand: The Chinese textile enterprise desired for Pioneer Union to assist in gaining access to the U.S. market and localizing their brand.

Results: In combination with our understanding of the United States textile market, Pioneer Union developed a series of localization solutions to support the company's aim of entering the U.S. market.